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Canyon Crest Soap Company

Hello Soapy Friends!

Canyon Crest Soap Company was created by me, Sam! I'm a homemaker, housewife, stay at home mom, (whatever you want to call me) who had a ton of goats and needed to make them earn their keep, Hahaha.                               So, I started making goat milk soap. 

Well, goat milk soap was just a gateway soap, hehe!  Soon I started making shea butter soap, beer soap, pumpkin soap, cucumber soap, and well, so many different soaps.

It’s fun and addicting!

I want to be transparent about what I use in my soaps, so here you go! I use vegetable oils (Olive Oil), butters (Shea), essential oils, fragrance oils, micas, pigments, clays, distilled water, beers, coffee, puréed fruits, puréed vegetables etc. Those are just some of my soap staples. From time to time I use melt and pour soap bases.            

 Ps! I also make lip balms. 

I opened Canyon Crest Soap Company in 2015.  I really thought I would make soaps as a hobby and just give them to my family and friends. In reality, it turned into a business.  I have met some amazing people who are more than just customers.  I absolutely love what I do! 

I am located on the outskirts of Yakima, WA in a country area we call Tampico, on a little dirt road called Canyon Crest.  

You can find me at/on:                                                                                     

Sam Wood   509-910-3955   

240 Canyon Crest RD Yakima, WA 98903        

Facebook: Canyon Crest Soap Company and 
Canyon Crest Soap Company Blog (this one has contests!)
Instagram: Canyon Crest Soap Company 

I do not have a physical store. All my business is conducted online or at events throughout our valley. The address provided above is where I manufacture my products. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!